Garry enjoying the sunset at Grand Canyon

What would you do if you were not afraid?” My life changed when I finally found the answer to that question.

My name is Garry and I am a Software Engineer currently living in Italy. I have built my skills on a solid foundation thanks to my University studies, but I saw that only as the beginning.

My interests are varied. When I hear about something, be that a tool, a concept, a programming language, that could help me write cleaner, more maintainable and better structured code I feel the urge of checking it out. But not everything is about code: I happen to love solving problems. Be it a simple riddle or a complex issue I have never faced before, I can’t stop myself to think about it and try until I find a solution.

Even if I always expand my knowledge when I get the chance, I think that programming languages and technologies are just tools to accomplish the ideas that often come up in my head. I have encountered and used a number of languages in my studies and career, from functional Scheme to widely-adopted Java but I feel that I am most familiar with PHP, also due to my previous work experiences.

I love working in teams. By working in a group, in addition to reaching the common goal faster, I am able to widen the range of possible solutions thanks to information and knowledge being shared across team members. I also think that time spent helping others is never wasted. By helping others there is always something new to be learned, and the project as a whole will benefit of a fresh mind tackling possibly old problems.

I don’t see myself as an ordinary worker. If you work in an ordinary way, you will achieve ordinary results. If you go beyond the ordinary by testing the limits and even breaking things - that’s where I think impactful results are to be obtained. If you do not try you will not accomplish so be bold and be fearless. I could even define that as my motto.

You can find some of my contacts near my picture and name on this page. Feel free to shoot me an email!